Monday, July 23, 2012

This week Allen just wrote short notes to Mike and I so I cut some parts from each of the notes that I thought you might be interested in.  I will be sending a package this Friday, and he did request any handwritten letters from anyone that is interested, so if you will let me know I will come and get them or you could take them to Mom and Dad's and I will pick them up there Thursday night.
Here's the pieces of the letter:
here they like eating the small fish more than the nig ones. like three and four inch fishes that they dry and cover in salt and fry in dirty oil and are basically just bones.... they love it. and im just confused at why ha ha. anways i realized something. iknow absolutely nothing about your mission. and you are always telling me you have nothing to write about. so i have a proposition. how about you write about your mission. tell me some stories. tell me about some people ( if you even remember anything i know it was a long time ago and your no journal writer ha ha) i dono why but lately i have been thinking about that a lot about yours and moms and kevins and natalies missions i wanna know all about them. so there is a little project for you to work on your story telling skills. that would be very appreciated if you would do that !
as for how im doing im doing good., great. anxiety dropped down again. i was able to have a special interview with elder teh the philippines area president. ( cool right ) and i talked to him about it and he gave me a blessing and some good advice about what to do to deal with it. man these general authorities are amazing people arent they, next month we have an apostle coming to visit the mission. thats about the coolest thing ive heard this will be something to remember. have you ever been taught by an apostle before/? if so who was it?
my companion is struggling so bad with the food. hes only eaten curry his whole life and he is very..... bold//// at how he said that he is not "accustomed" to philipino food ha. more than once i have hear something like this... someone asks if he likes the food they cooked.. and his reply is if i dont eat i will die thats why i am eating...... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H AH AH AH AHAH H AH AHA
hes my favorite companion by far/. hes very new at the gospel. its very interesting having to teach him a lesson or a principle and him hearing it for the first time from my mouth and then us teaching that lesson later to philipinos. things like eternal families and baptisms for the dead and all sorts of the basic beliefs that we take for granted are all new to him. ive really learned who the lord calls he qualifies.
letters from family like bailey and cole and savanah and rebekah and jada and well everyone if thats possible ha thats the best part of the package.

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