Monday, March 12, 2012

kumusta ang aking mga kapatid....
air con again its a very nice feeling ha ha.
the longer ive been here the less i know what to say in emails. things here are well fantastic as ever. i wanna start off with just a short little thought..

its so hard as a missionary when your investigators that you love and care about ask you for money. man theyve got some hard lives and hard decisions. and then they humble themselves down enough to say they need help and well as we all know that isnt part of what we do. christ says seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you... and no matter how much you believe that how do you get other people to understand that. you wonder man you dont have enough money for pamasahe ( money for a tricee ) to get to church but you always have enough for cigaretes and red horse ( a brand of beer that everyone drinks ) and your live is so sad all the time and you cant figure out why and you just cant seem to figure out why....

its something ive been thinking about a lot lately what are the reasons people dont accept the message when they hear it, or after they dont choose to live it when they have accepted it. every one of the people that were baptised this past february talk about how at first they were so closed inside and how much they have changed. tatay and nanay paz were talking about just yesterday how when they were catholic they would go to church " para sabihin ang mga sasabihin nila, ginawa ko ito na hindi maganda patawarin ninyo po ako panginoon... tapos iyen lang wala na " or basically just go to the church say a prayer and ask forgives ness and then kinda like well i did my part ill come confess next week, tatay was talking about how he used to find any excuse he could to get out of the church. qote " kapag mainit ang puit mo, umalis ka kaagad " which means as soon as your butts hot ( or meaning tired ) from sitting then your out the door ha ha but he said dito sa simbahan natin its different he just feels the spirit and wants to learn it all. thats the big difference in a living church, one has the spirit and one is kulang. just a bunch of traditions and no real religion.

of all the people ive been working with right now whether new members or new investigators or inactive people were tryi8ng to bring back ( and its pretty nuts working with people at all ends of the spectrum ) thats the big question. how do i help them to understand how important it is. do i even understand how important it all is? so all of us even active members really understand? if we did i feel like we would be doing a lot more. its been my experience so far in what ive learned in the past 2 years about ( this includes before i came out ha ) that the thing that sets true deciples of christ apart from just going through the motions is like the difference between the anti nephi lehites and the regular nephites who eventually go to being wicked. the anti nephi lehites never went back to their old ways. they stood there and let their "bretherin" kill them rather than break their covenants they made to god. because they understhood something that i hope one day i will be able to. their faith wasnt that god would keep evil from happening to them but that no matter what happened to them they would keep themselves from doing evil. they didnt complain or doubt why didnt god protect our families after so many of them were killed by the other lamanites rather they just kept going in faith to the lord. how in the world did they do it? how often do we think to ourselfes why me? why do i not quality for even a tiny miracle here and there like the other people or the stories in the book of mormon or bible? is my faith to week? such an interesting question that well noone knows the answer to but in the end i think it comes to are we willing to really take upon us the name of christ and always remember him, keep his commandments that hes given us no matter what is happening. are we willing to do that no matter what? are we really converted to the gospel? thats what i hope we are all trying to do.

sorry i feel like all i do is preach in all my letters now ha but well iyan ang aking layunin bilang missionary ni jesu cristo. mangaral ang ebanghelyo niya so i guess ill just keepp on preaching.

well i love you all thats my little bit for all of you think about it. do we have weapons of rebellion like they did and have we burried them? and if we have do we have the shovel waiting right there by the hole or is it locked away for good? mahal kita family. elder landeen

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