Monday, March 19, 2012

hello everyone its been a great week of fun and adventure.... other than the last 3/4 of it ha but before i tell you that story ive got at least one thing i can talk about.

noon tuesday i went on splits with elder sarignaya ( one of the zone leaders) so he could go to the district meeting in the other district and my comp elder garcia went with elder schmidt to my district meeting. while on splits its always a good chance to see different teaching styles and different ways of doing things.. and also you see things that you need to make sure you stay away from ha, well after so many splts with zone leaders ive learned 1 thing for sure. being a zone leader would be no fn at all ha just a big headache.

while on splits we basically just got punted the whole time. which was a bummer but it made me feel for all those poor people in other countries, in europe and japan where noone wants to listen, different kinds of challenges and i cant say either one is harder cause well ive never been in other countries but well even though i get sick at least once a month im glad to be serving here where even if they dont wanna listen they will go to absolute extrimes like hiding or literally sprinting when they see you rather than be rude to you and for that im greatful.

i dont have a lot to write about cause well i got sick again and i dont remember much of what happened its hard on the memory when your sick but sana next week will be a better letter. well mahal ko kayo. elder landeen

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