Thursday, February 16, 2012


ok ill do the best i can to write this letter i dono why im feeling super super dizzy and dont wanna throw up anymore im over that ha ha,

so as you know i got food poisoning. i dont know what sister carlos actually said but im pretty sure i know where i got it. im already alergic to the pilippines and a nanay gave us crab to eat so i said i better now eat it im allergic to it so because their culture here is force feed you even if its going to give you food poisoning... she gave me some chicken wings. and i figure thats what it must have been because thats the only thing i ate different than my comp.

as for the symptoms ugh man it wasnt very fun at all. i just woke up tuesday morning at 6 00 and went into the bathroom and just felt like something was going on inside that shouldnt be. the the lbm and throwing up stated. i threw up among other symptoms associated with food poisoning all morning frobably about 10 times just between 6 and 10 then when i threw up it was just a whole bunch of blood so i figured i better call sister carlos. after that the assistants to the presedent drove down and picked me up to take me to the doctor in cauayan and i was just so dizzy and sick i could barely walk straight. so he told me i needed to go and have a few nights stay in the hospital because im super dehydrated and blah blah blah. after they did some tests they found out ive got some ameoba friends livin inside me and said ive probably had them for a while. i never have felt completely healthy here but i mean with caughing all the time i just sorta got used to it but maybe thats why ha. but anyways they just pumped me full of antibiotics and now im taking pills that will kill them.

the stay there like dad said man it was a vacation other than the whole vacation thing i just layed around and slept in airconditioning all day, i got to go and take a hot shower in the mission home man it was great im gonna have to remember all i have to do for a hot shower is eat some bad chicken and then im on my way ha ha

i always try to be careful with food and water but i mean what am i really supposed to do. halimbawa(example) when i asked the llanetas if the water was mineral water or well and she said that it just came out of their pump, i told her were not supposed to drink it. background knowledge these people barely have enough money the afford food for themselves but becayse of stupid customs they have to feed guests. but anyways she left and didnt come back until she had found someone that had mineral water she could buy for me. what i mean with this either you eat or theyre offended. bottom line ha and even the doctor said that he said its hard to be careful what you eat cause if you dont eat what they give you youll offend them ha,. so i do my best but theres only so much i can do

other than that there was one more thing about the hospital that was weird. having girls my age come and take care of me without my companion there. man that was weird,. i wasnt alone the whole time but a lot of the time i was and ha it was just crazy. when they took the iv out she was like holding my hand and it just felt wrong ha ha. but anyways now im outa the hospital and i dont plan on going back. no promises though ha.

well thats all i really have to say this week cause well that basically was my week bein sick and loosing a whole bunch of the weight ive worked every day to gain. but on the bright side it was better than my last hospital visit that turned into a lot longer than an overnight stay so im greatful for that. well take care all of you ill work on having something better to talk to you about for next week. mahal ko kayo elder landeen

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