Sunday, April 7, 2013

i got some great news the other day.. its about a husband and wife that were baptised and taught during my time in santiago... they were actually the first ones baptised in my mission. ricardo and thelma laneta. i was priveledged at that time to baptise and confirm sister thelma a member of the church, and confir upon her the gift of the holy ghost. they are now a forever family. cealed for time and all eternity in the philippines manilla temple. 

ya cant really explain how that feels to have taken a part in this process.. since my stay in santiago i have continued to write and recieve letters from this couple. theres been trials, times where they were offended and lost their way, and times where they shared their joy in recieving callings in the ward. and now,, ah! i think that puts it best. AH!. 

as for my area right now.. things just keep on truckin ha. we have a man who is going to be baptised this saturday tatay demetrio soriano. this is the husband of remydios, (the one who is a stroke victim and cant walk) theyre so cute he carries her everywhere she needs to go.,. and when we go into sacrament meeting, we lift her chair up the stairs into the chapel. ( our church is 2 stories the classes downstairs and the chapel upstairs ) im pretty excited for has baptism ha.

next we have great less active we are working with, one is tatay aureliano anghel, hes been inactive for around 15 years he was offended very badly.... but through teaching him doctrine and sharing testimony of the saviors love, he came to church yesterday. we were so happy about that.. next sunday hopefull his wife will come with him. shes been attending jehovas witness for a long time now but again,, a correct understanding of the doctrine will change behavior. before she was hiding from us, and not willing to listen... now shes reading our reading assignments and praying for answers of what church is true, and shes comitted to come next week. 

the verdadero family is also a very special family to me. we have been working with them for a long time but they still havent come to church. all sorts of hinderances.,. offended, tithing, word of wisdom, children,.. but things are still moving forward. i love this family so much. 

were working with other people too but in the interest of not being too boring ill leave it at that. just know im very happy and lost in the work,

o time, nasaan kayo?   

anyways i love you all take care! elder landeen

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