Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hello everyone here again.

im having a hard time remembering what happened this past week.. or remembering that there even was a past week ha its all a blur. i cant say how much im loving my area and companion. its so nice and refreshing to have a companion that wants to be obedient. not just to the big things but to the little things too. that wants to do more than hes asked, that wants to be 100 percent. 

i learned something kinda cool at a training meeting a few weeks ago about water that i wanna talk a little about i just remembered it. i dont remember if the numbers are right (i think they are wrong) but youll get the picture. at 211 degrees, water is really hot. at 212 degrees water boils. at the temperature of 211 degrees no matter what you do or how much you want you cannot make the water boil.... unless you increase the temperature. its interesting that its the increase of 1 degree... that makes the water boil. that 1 simple degree makes all the difference. remember... 211 is extremely hot. but 212 is boiling. 

they talked about how that little extra effort each day to bring about good in the world is like increasing the temperature 1 degree. if you really want to make things happen you have to be willing to go the extra mile like christ said to do. we had heard a lot lately about obedience because of the mission presidents seminar a couple weeks ago was all about obeying with exactness. ive come to know that gods willing to bless you. in the end... with all that he has. but in this life hes ready to pour out blessing like the scriptures say. to give you miracles in your life. but with our desire to recieve these blessings, is there an equal effort from us to obtain them? the relation of faith and active goes perfectly. and the different between hot water and boiling water (spiritually speaking) is basically experessed in the words of elder holland. "you tell me how obedient you will be and ill tell you how your mission will be" the same is with life. abraham wasnt blessed with a generation numberless as the stars until after he had tied up isaac and was ready to sacrifice him (even though he didnt want to, he had completely given himself to the lord) and i think the exact same thing goes for me here in the mission and every one in life. god is willing to open the windows of heaven. but how willing are we to let him do so if faithfullness is the requirement?

i heard a story from elder schmidt one of my favorite missionary friends (hes home now look him up on facebook tell him i said hi ha ha) he taught about the three kingdoms of glory... and asked this man which kingdom he would like to go to. when the man replied elder schmidt was taken aback, the man said... siguro... terestrial na lang... ( maybe just the terestrial ) elder sdked him what he answered that kingdom and the answer was well its not the lowest, not the highest, pero tama lang (its just right) then he asked well dont you want to go and live with heavenly father in the celestial kingdom? and he said well that will probably be hard.. you said its really beautiful in the terestrial kingdom so maybe ill just go there im okay with that.

we get what we work for.

its hard to imagine that kind of ideaology but well i think theres a lot of that in all of us. at least in me. so well our companionship goal.... is 212 degrees.

thats about all the time i have for now. thanks for the love and help ill talk to you next week. love elder landeen

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